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Outdoor & Indoor Wood Boilers

Great for Home or Commercial use

We sell and service Portage & Main and Gasifying Polar Furnace Wood Boilers.

Complete System Installation

Leave The Work To Us

Building a new home? Sit down with one of our designers and discuss choosing the right equipment for your home from the ground up: from furnaces, boilers, and heat pump water heaters, to the lighting in your home, we can help.


WETT Certified

Wood and Pellet Energy

Have one of our WETT certified technicians install, service, or sweep your wood or pellet burning appliance. Ask about WETT inspections.

Custom Fabrication Services

You Imagine it, We Build It

We do in-house custom fabricating for a wide array of energy projects. From solar powered lighting systems for billboards and business signs to electric powered gates where grid electricity is not easily available or trenching is too expensive we have fabrication solutions that will work for you.

Individual Parts Supply

Everything For The DIYer

We also supply homeowners and businesses with all the individual parts needed to build their own renewable energy systems. We carry so many brands and products that we only list a few of them on our website. Talk to our parts and services department for more information.

Net Metering

Tired Of High Electricity Prices?

Let one of our solar net metering systems spin your electricity meter backwards. You can offset your power bill and also enjoy a better electricity rate overall. Have one of our specialists come and assess your home or business for potential solar savings.